DAY 25: COOKING HOBBY FOR LPs- The Girl Who Games Sims Freeplay Advent Calendar

The Sims FreePlay Hack

This is the final advent video! Merry Christmas Everyone! Thank you so much if you have watched them all! If not you can find them in this playlist:

Earning LPs:

There is The Sims FreePlay Hack and sims freeplay cooking hobby.

17 Tips for Quests and Hobbies for Sims Freeplay!
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The Sims Freeplay - Bread Winner

The is the first ACTUAL quest and my tip is to save up and not spend because you need to buy stuff one this quest and upcoming ones!The link to the next quest is here:
No time limit,no prize,unlocked at level 5 and unlocks the cooking hobby 6 levels
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Level up on cooking without making a mess

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part 1/sims free play /cooking hobby

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Sims Freeplay How To Do The Bread Winner Quest

Bread winner how to become level 2 to cook burgers.