Sims Foreplay Cheat/Hack[How to Change a Sims DNA,Skin Color & Name]

The Sims FreePlay Hack

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There are Sims FreePlay Cheats and sims freeplay name change.

How to delete a sim ?Somwatch this video and u will know how to !:)
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Ultimate Make Over- Sims FreePlay Let's Eat Update

Since I got a few questions about this…

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How a Senior sim in Sims FreePLAY dies of aging up at the final stage of their life.
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As the title says, here is my own tutorial showing how to change and rename your sims without using CAS, Cheats or Mods. If you want to rename your baby you must wait till it’s first birthday, then you can rename it. This was done on the PC version with updates, it should work the same way for console versions too. If you have any other questions about the game leave me a comment!

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Hello World!

Today I am trying out the Baby Glitch
I also made a discovery while filming!

If you see Sims in my game that has no name in the future,
you will know where they came from 😛

I saw this glitch in OhLook-It’sRyan XOXO’s video:
Check out his channel 😀

You can also check out my videos in the FAQ series:

Good Luck :)
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