Sim free play ( put out an oven fire )

The Sims FreePlay Hack

Sim free play ( put out an oven fire )

Sim free play ( put out an oven fire )
Sim free play ( put out an oven fire )
Sim free play ( put out an oven fire )

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Fixed fire
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There is The Sims FreePlay Hack and sims freeplay fire.

I’m sorry i cant speak english , hope i can understand my tutorial hehe
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Just tap on an oven and tap “Extinguish”. It will take 3 miniute to put out an oven fire.

You don’t have to buy anything!
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Fire Station!-Sims FreePlay #1

Enjoy this episode of Sims FreePlay!

This is just a small video about sims and how they react to fire. It’s a well known fact that sims don’t know anything about fire safety, so let’s see how everyone reacts when there’s a real fire!

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Here’s a link for that The Sims’ ”waiting music” I had in my video, if you want to listen:

I wish you liked it! 😀


How to set the oven on fire in The Sims FreePlay
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This is a Sims FreePlay house design for a Fire Station! We cannot go inside the actual Sims FreePlay Fire Station yet (compared to the Police Station, Movie Studio and Hospital) — so we decided to make our own version for now. This Sims FreePlay Fire Station has lots of room for 8 firefighters to live, work and train together. They do serious business, but they also have plenty of fun bonding time with their fellow rescuers in the Sim Town Fire Brigade!

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Practice firefighting using neighbor's fire hydrant - The Sims FreePlay

You may need to ask your friend to buy Fire Hydrant and place it in house.
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Hi Guys!
In this video I will tell you how to put out fire on neighbor’s oven in sims freeplay.
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