How to Cheat Sims Freeplay 2018

The Sims FreePlay Hack

How to Cheat Sims Freeplay 2018

I know you have been wondering how to cheat sims freeplay 2018 version because you see all the fake ones around.
So here is what you gonna do!
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We will then send the complete guide to hack the game including the necessary files you will need to execute it.
Your email is necessary because for sure the game itself will have some updates. That means, our cheat tool may not be effective. And that is why we continue to develop and improve it.
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There is The Sims FreePlay Hack and sims freeplay cheats 2018 ipad.

This how I received free LPs. There’s no app to download or rooting/jailbreak involved. There may be another easier way, but I’m just recreating what happened to me.

1) On my IOS 9 (iPad) my Sim was in the park standing on the pier than I switched to another Sim and played a “Social Point”.
2) Then I returned to my Sim in the park standing on the pier.
3) I uploaded to the cloud to save my data (MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE OUT GAME ON IOS BEFORE OPENING ANDROID).
4) Then on my android (Samsung S7 Edge) I downloaded the data.
5) I waited between 2 seconds to 2 minutes(Random time) then a notice of ’79 free LP’ shows.
6) Click OK and I received 79 LP
7) Then go back to cloud on your android to save data.
8) On my IOS (iPad) I downloaded saved data.
9) Just repeat the 1st step in this list to get free unlimited LP.

I hope this helped. To date I received over 10,000 free LP and because I use some of the free LP on the purple Social Point flower my Social Points are at 10,000 too. At first I felt a little guilty, however the game automatically kept giving me free LP whether I wanted them or not.

There’s no guarantee it will work for you, however it been working for me over 2 weeks. If there are any questions or if it works for you please leave comments below.

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Hi guys this video shows how to get the one sims freeplay hacked with unlimited money and lp… if u guys liked this video and want me to put up videos on how to hack other games or even if y’all want to actually see me play these games make sure u comment below and liked this video and subscribe to this channel! thanks!!!
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