Sims Freeplay Latin Villa Celebrity Renovation

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Sims Freeplay Latin Villa Celebrity Renovation

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There are The Sims FreePlay Cheats and sims freeplay latin villa.

The Latin Villa is available to build in 3 days and it costs 125 Social Points!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy!
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A video showing all the best dance moves from the Breakdancing hobby and the Salsa Dancing hobby. Those are the first two hobbies in 2018 that were released with the Holiday update.

To get the Salsa Dancing hobby, you have to complete A Dance To Remember quest by tapping on a large icon at the top of the statue in the park where you see the salsa dancers. The Salsa Dancing hobby is the only hobby where you need two Sims to perform. First, buy the jukebox from the Promotions ‘R’ Us and place it anywhere in the house. Unfortunately, you can only have one jukebox per Sim Town. Unlike the Spell Casting hobby, the first time you use the Salsa Dancing hobby can be done by four or more Sims. Only adult Sims can do this hobby. Tap on the jukebox to get one Sim to wait for partner (5 hours). Then get the Sim’s partner to choose either of the two options: Quick Salsa (1 hr 30 min) or Extreme Mambo (7 hrs 30 min).

If you’re doing the Salsa Dancing hobby the first time, you have to complete the grid within 7 days to get your own Latin Villa. However, you might have trouble earning all the medals needed to complete the Salsa Dancing grid in time. I suggest that you stick to the “Quick Salsa” option, try to earn 3-5 LP, and use those LP to instantly finish the task. Using LP to spin for the missing medals is not worth it unless you’re down to the last 2-3 medals.

To get the Breakdancing hobby, you have to finish the grid for the Salsa Dancing hobby. First, buy the boom box from the Promotions ‘R’ Us and place it anywhere in a house. The biggest downside to this hobby is that only one Sim can dance to one machine and you can only have one machine per house. If you try to get a second Sim to dance to the machine, he/she will do the “Cheer On” option for 2 minutes. This hobby can be done by both adults and teens. Tap on the boom box and choose either “Quick Break” (1 hr 30 min) or “Long Break” (10 hr 30 min).

If you complete the Breakdancing hobby grid within 7 days, you will get a DJ Booth. After placing it in a Sim’s house, tap on it and have either your adult or teen to mix some beats for 7 minutes. However you cannot make your Sims to dance to those beats. Unless you want your Sim to act as DJ in a house, the booth itself isn’t worth it. Otherwise, use the same technique to complete the grid faster as you would do for the Salsa dancing one.

I do not own anything in this video, except for the characters. Any similarities or representations of those characters are merely coincidental. The Sims FreePlay is owned by Electronic Arts.

Song: Hypnotic Dancefloor by Boa
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android)
Houses used: Latin Villa

This is a Sims FreePlay original house design for a Japanese-inspired resort. It’s built on a Japanese retreat ocean view lot, and features furniture and items from the Sims FreePlay Japanese Retreat as well as the Latin Villa. The outside layout is inspired by a picture I saw another simmer post on Facebook, but the inside is my own design.

We’ve also got another big Japanese-inspired build on our channel, which you can view here:

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Hey Simmers!!

~ So today im going to be doing a tour on my latin villa! This video was inspired by Joy’s creative finger so i will leave a link to her latin estate home. I will also leave a link to skaoi sims channel because i think that her tours and house designs are so cool so you should definitely watch their videos and subscribe to them!

~ This villa has a large backyard with a pool and has a barbecue too! I really like this villa because it reminds me of the world cup in 2018 a while back! Such great times! Anyways enjoy the video!

Link to their channels:
Joy’s Creative Finger:
Skaoi Sim:

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~ Sims Paradise
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This Sims FreePlay house design is inspired by suburban homes in the US or UK (depending which of us you ask!) and incorporates Sims FreePlay mezzanines, Backyard Beautification, and Island Villa items. This Sims FreePlay family home is on 2 floors. Downstairs is an open living/dining/kitchen, master suite, office, laundry room, powder room, private patio and pool. Upstairs are 2 bedrooms for children, full bathroom, hallway closet, and “flex space” overlooking the living area.

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Elgato HD60 Pro (thanks to Elgato Gaming!)
Samson Meteor Mic
Open Broadcaster Software
Adobe Premiere Pro


“Lobby Time” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

I hope you enjoy the tour of my Island villa, if you like the video, then please give a thumbs up, leave a comment and a subscription will be useful for notifications of upcoming videos. Thanks a million! Xxx Joy.
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Hey Everyone!
This is the final furnished look of this beach villa!

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Ci vous voulez savoir comment j’ai fait pour avoir cette villa (pour Γͺtre plus simple) demander moi le dans les commentaires svp .😘😘😘😘
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