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There are Sims FreePlay Cheats and sims freeplay patio quest.

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I finally made a sims video yay☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
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Zapraszam do obejrzenia tutorialu po polsku o tym jak zrobić patio w grze Sims FreePlay.
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In the v5.13.0 of The Sims FreePLAY: Dream Homes update, a new build tools is added: Patio allows you to build your very own lawn patio in your houselots right before you finish and finishing the DIY HOMES Part 1: Peaceful Pation QUEST.

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The second part of the patios quest. In this quest we unlock patios.

Want to know how to get different paving styles right next to each other to create one patio in the sims freeplay? Watch this video!

You need to complete the DIY Homes: Peaceful Patios quest before you will be able to add patios:

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The Sims Freeplay – Patio Glitch| After Police Update

This is a toturial on the patio glitch after the police update. It is the same method like before but a bit different. You can watch this video to see how it’s done.

Selling decreases town value and buying increases it. Excessive selling WILL decrease your town value by alot, but there is really no need for town value.

You will need to complete the patio quest to do this glitch. Here’s a video:

For more glitch toturials:

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A video showing the first part of the 7-day quest called “DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio”. Staring on the 28th of April, you have to be at level 15 to get this quest and you can start at any time by tapping on the bubble above a woman wearing a construction outfit in the park to initiate the quest. She looks like a builder and walks around surveying, so she’s not in a specific spot. If you finish the quest within 7 days, you can unlock a Make Out Couch to be put in your houses for your teens and adults, and the first one is free (00 afterwards). Otherwise, finishing the quest allows you to build patios (00 minimum for 2×1) at any home. Again, once you start the quest, you have to see it to completion, so don’t tap on the bubble if you’re going to be busy or have no internet in a week.

Here’s the link:

In this video, I used one of my orb grinding Sims to do the quest. She was carrying a sporty life orb, so you’ll see her swinging a baseball bat in this video. Also, one of my Sims in this video has a tendency to change into her Jester outfit and I only see her in her normal clothes just for a little while in this quest.

There is a new item called a “Modern Bar”. It can be found in the kitchen section of the Home Store and costs 10 SP. It must be placed inside and only has one action, “Tend the Bar” for 20 minutes. There’s also a “Dance Drop” game on sale for 30 SP, found in the electronics section of the Home Store. Like the “Modern Bar”, it has only one action: “Play ‘Dance Drop’ Arcade Machine” for 9 minutes. Another Sim can “join in” after one starts and even seniors can do it.

If you want to buy these items but is short on SP (but
lot of LP), tap on the garden patch and choose the “Social Point Flower”. For 5 LP, you’ll get either 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 23 or 400 SP depending on your luck. That means you only need a maximum of 6 tries to get your “Dance Drop” Game.

I do not own anything in this video, except for the characters. Any similarities or representations of those characters are merely coincidental. The Sims FreePlay is owned by Electronic Arts.

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Houses used: Customized House, Beachside Escape, DIY Model House and Park