Sims Freeplay: 5 Story Architect House / Mansion Tour (Request)

The Sims FreePlay Hack

These homes are created by Sims’ users and submitted to the “Sim Freeplay Team”. An amazing mansion!
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There are Sims FreePlay Cheats and sims freeplay 5 story house.

Sims FreePlay - Five Floors and FAQs (Tutorial & Walkthrough)

The Sims FreePlay DIY Homes Update unlocked tons of new changes for house designing and building in the game. In this video, we walk through some of the first changes we discovered after unlocking the ability to build up to five floors. We show all the new and different ways this update changed how we can design Sims FreePlay houses and other buildings.

We also answer a few frequently asked questions:

►Why can’t I start the Sims FreePlay Balcony Quest?
►Can you do a video of my Sims FreePlay house?
►What do you use to record your screen?

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“Over Under” Kevin MacLeod (
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The Sims Freeplay – Apartment Life (5-story building) (Original design)

Welcome to SimDream Apartments. As more and more Sims moved into urban areas, the need for space-efficient housing became obvious 😀
There are 5 apartments in total that combine a sense of modern elegant living with natural simplicity; spacious open areas with full-length windows, natural light, big balconies and functionality to bring your Sims truly home. There are also two playground areas with swings and a big basement with its own laundry room.

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“Daily Beetle” Kevin MacLeod (
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Sims Ananas
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Details on the costs.
2nd floor:300,000 3rd: 500,000 4th:800,000 and 5th:1,000,000
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SIMS FREEPLAY - SPEED BUILD [ 5 x 5 Tiny House Challenge ] 2018

hey guys! thanks a lot for watching this video…
i do hope all simmers can stay inspired and creative whenever you guys are playing the game.

so the requirements for the 5×5 house are:
*sim is able to take a shower & pee/poop
*able to cook&eat
*able to sleep
*able to sit/relax
p.s basic activities tbh LMAO 😂no electronics/reading cuz ur sim needs to take a break from the modern world
if you guys wanna find some other build inspirations,
you can go check out my other sims freeplay videos,
sims freeplay – Penthouse cafe
sims freeplay – urban flora penthouse


hey i’m also into some tech, so i always wanna hack some devices
Fix freedom apk problem 1.0.8b [ANDROID]

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Inspired by James (The Sim Supply) 😀

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in this video i am gonna show you how to move more than 4 sims in a house
NOTE:to do this quest you need a teenager
you have to complete the Teenager quest

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How to move 7 Sims in 1 house | Sims Freeplay

•Sims Party House Event :
• Sims Mini Resort =
• Move 7 Sims in 1 House :
• Free Simoleons :
• Indoor & WALL Glitch :

This video shows you how to move in 7 sims in 1 house..
Could either be :
-1 married couple with 5 children
-1 married couple with 4 children and 1 family friend
-1 married couple with 1 child and 4 friends or any sets you like.. just follow the steps to make it works..

Step 1: Have 3 Sims live together in one house..
-1 adult or teen
-1 married couple (for the system to let you add the baby(your 7th sim)

Step 2: Let the 3 sims do something at one part of your house
-must be somewhere far from the ground or vice versa( highest floor.. if u only have two floor then 2nd floor will do.. )

Step 3 : Add the baby ..
Step 4: Invite 3 sims you wish to move in to that house..
-must be a “good friend” of each of the sims living in the house..
Hint: Each of them must have a respective pairs/friend. ( Original Sim1 to Visitor 1, Original Sim 2 to Visitor 3, Original Sim 3 to Visitor 3)
Once they arrived , place them to the oposite area to where your original sims are and let them do something too..( they have to be far away from the original sims…

Step 5 : Cancel what the original sims doing and let each of them ask thier respective friends to move in..
Hint: Cancel original sim 1 , cancel visitor sim 1 , get back to original sim 1 , then ask to move in.. (Do the same to the next sim and do it as fast as u can before the first pair meets and finished the task.. otherwise, the system wont let u allow the remaining visitors to move in..

Step 6: Continue adding the baby 😊😊
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