Sims FreePlay – May I Take Your Order Please? [Cooking Hobby Video]

The Sims FreePlay Hack

A video showing the Cooking Hobby as well as the events happening during the “Sous Judgemental” quest and in the Candlelit Fork restaurant.

Teenage, adult and senior Sims can do the cooking hobby after finishing the “Let’s Eat” quest. It is also my new favorite hobby because it is easier to gain LP points. You just tap on the stove, tap “Cooking” and choose “Cheese and Tomato on Toast”. It takes one minute and all you need is one stove and one toaster for each Sim. If you do that one-minute task twice, your Sim will move up to cooking level 2 and be able to cook up to 3 plates. If you do that in an hour, your Sim will be at cooking level 3 and cook up to 4 plates. The more Sims doing the hobby, the better because there are 18 collectibles for one grid and collecting all of them gives you 5 LP every time. And all you need is to cook the Cheese and Tomato on Toast for one minute. If you pick the other dishes, it will still give you the same progress as the Cheese and Tomato on Toast.

If you want to make good use of the cooking hobby, create a kitchen that your Sims with that hobby can use. If you have one more Sim that cooks, create a kitchen with a 4- by 6- block dimension. If you want to add one more Sim, then extend the kitchen by 2 blocks (i.e. 6 by 6). Each Sim with the cooking hobby needs these things in the kitchen to cook all dishes:
1) Stove (3 stars)
2) Toaster (2 stars or above)
3) Fridge (3 stars)
4) Microwave (2 stars or above)
5) Cutting Board (1 star or above)
6) Sink*
7) Counter to put dishes*

*6) and 7) are optional but they are useful to have

If you cannot create your own kitchen and/or restaurant for your Sims, you can use the 2 kitchens in the Beachside Escape, all you need is to replace either the coffee machine or tea set with the cutting board.

After finishing the “Sous Judgemental”, the game lets you gain access to the Candlelit Fork restaurant located at the left bottom corner of the Town Map, next to the Costume & Swim Store. However, you are better off making your own restaurant than relying on the Candlelit Fork for accumulating LP from the Cooking hobby. The kitchen in the Candlelit Fork only allows one Sim with the Cooking hobby, despite having two stoves.

One you finish repairing the first floor of the restaurant, tap on the bar near the kitchen and then one of your Sims will be the waiter for 10 hours. Then bring 7 of your Sims (not cooks) to the restaurant because the highest number of dishes a Sim can serve is 7 (for cooking level 6 of course). Then bring your cook to cook a meal. When the cook finishes cooking, tap on the “bubble” to place the dishes on the counter.

Tap on the dining tables or booths, and your patrons will sit there with forks and knives to “Have Meal” for an hour. Note that once your cook place the dishes on the counter, the waiter will serve the dishes to the patrons. However, your Sim, regardless of the cooking level, can serve the “Lobster Thermidor” (3 LP for 5 hours) for 3 dishes. Your Sims will finish the dishes for 10 minutes but they will be the ones to clean their own dishes.

I do not own anything in this video, except for the characters. Any similarities or representations of those characters are merely coincidental. The Sims FreePlay, Stephanie Anderson, Wumples, Santa Claus and Grouch are owned by Electronic Arts.

Song: Fast Food Song by Fast Food Rockers
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android)
Houses used: Customized House, Beachside Escape and the Candlelit Fork restaurant
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Find Jack frost in an ' iron-ic board' disguise - the Sims freeplay 😸

Cara menyelesaikan tahapan-tahapan snow problem di sims 😺
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Hi my name is Jesus
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Custom built by my bro!
Waterproof copy of my Square Foot certificate (actual size)
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Complete this quest to unlock the restaurant. The Prize for this quest is the chef outfits. Choose one of your sims that has a level 4 up in cooking. The grouch needs a sim that can cook his quiche dish.
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Hello World!

Today I’m going to talk about how to visit your neighbors!

Good Luck :)